Brigitta Ziemba

Brigitta Ziemba

Cranial Sacral Therapist &

Sports Nutritionist

Brigitta is booking new patients for September. 


Hi everyone!


I’m Brigitta and I have a passion for building brain resiliency, managing post-concussion care and optimizing athletic performance. 

I transitioned from being a competitive athlete to a professional skating coach while completing her Specialized Honours in Kinesiology & Health Science, and is currently an NCCP Level 1 Skating Coach with over 12 years of international experience.


In 2011, I graduated from the Paramedic Program and have been working in Emergency Medical Services as a Primary Care Paramedic for close to a decade, allowing her first-hand insight into the conventional model of care. 

I am grateful to bear witness to lives being saved before my eyes and greatly appreciate the continued advances in both Prehospital and Emergency Medicine. However, I quickly saw that this model of protocol-based, symptom relief system of medicine did little to address the individual root cause of dysfunction and disease, especially when it comes to post concussion care.


My passion for post-concussion care began when I earned a spot on the Sports Medicine focus shift in my internship year during my studies at CCNM.


I additionally began my Cranial Sacral Therapy training and I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist with ISSN, which I apply in my work with athletes, those struggling with chronic pain and post-concussion syndrome.


"I believe that health and wellbeing benefit from both novel and traditional perspectives of medicine. It does not have to be one versus the other. It is about empowering you with a holistic view of your brain health and working to create a plan that makes sense for your life."

My breadth of knowledge and experience allows for unique insights into working with you to find solutions for the obstacles holding you back from achieving better health. 


Areas of interest: Cranial Sacral therapy, post-concussion care, brain resiliency, sports nutrition

Please note: Brigitta is a registered Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta but is not offering Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario, including at Epione Health at this time. 


108 Second St. E, Unit 4

Cornwall, ON


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"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything." 

- Thomas Carlyle