our approach


1. Open relationships with our patients that are built on mutual respect, empathic listening and regular communication. 


2. Treating the root cause and building solid health foundations on the 5 pillars of health: stress management, movement, sleep, nutrition, and community.


3. Health should be simple. 


4. Educating our patients on their health and including them in their healthcare decisions. 


5.  Not accepting that "you just need to live with it".

What Epione Health stands for:

At Epione Health, we are an integrated team of dedicated healthcare providers who are passionate and dedicated to patient care and who work together to create a comprehensive plan for you.

We offer a different kind of patient experience in comparison to conventional medical care. We believe in the importance of getting to the root cause of health issues, not just addressing symptoms.

By creating a space where our patients feel heard and empowered, we can support their healing and recovery journey in a long-term, sustainable way. 

We understand that each patient is unique, and our team will take the necessary time to work with you and discuss treatment options that best fit you.

We start with the fundamentals as overall health is a totality of a healthy foundation. By focusing on the 5 Pillars of health: stress management, movement, sleep, nutrition, and community, we create a healthy lifestyle with the greatest and most long-lasting results. 

At Epione Health, we believe that acting with integrity in all that we do can ensure that our team provides safe and effective therapies to Cornwall and all surrounding regions. This means providing value-based care where the only goal is a positive health outcome.


108 Second St. E, Unit 4

Cornwall, ON


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"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything." 

- Thomas Carlyle