Self-Care September

How often do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with more to-do’s than hours in the day?

With hustle-culture and the glorification of busy being the hallmarks of our social system, it’s no wonder! It’s been refreshing to see a surge of companies, practitioners and influencers singing the praises of self-care and it's become official: Self-care September! How amazing is that?! What is Self-Care About, Anyways?

Although face masks and aromatherapy baths are delightful, these practices can actually miss the point when it comes to self-care. Self-care runs far deeper than regular pampering and nights in to Netflix & wine. It’s more about holding space for yourself, meeting yourself where you’re at and prioritizing nurturing your mental, physical, and emotional  needs. It's about addressing the health problems that you have been avoiding or putting on the back burner. Sometimes this means physical rest or pampering, and sometimes self-care means having the discipline and courage to call yourself out on bad habits and do the work to replace them. Without regular self-care, you might find yourself burnt out or face to face with the consequences of allowing toxic cycles to take up more energetic real estate than they should. Learning Your Self-Care needs:

Building a self-care toolkit and tailored practices can only happen once you’ve learned to listen to your needs. There’s an adage that says, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it’s never been more relevant. Self-care is about coming back into your body so that you know when you need rest, nourishment, movement or healing. It’s about checking in with your mental and emotional health and being willing to feel your feelings and have peace with your process. This tuning in will enable you to start meeting your needs and filling up your cup, which will in turn have you show up as your most productive, magnetic and healthy self. Creating Your Self-Care Practice:

Once you’ve learned to listen to your needs, you can begin testing out different practices and building your personalized self-care routines. The nourishment you need day to day may vary, so having some options in your back pocket is helpful. Here are a few ideas to consider as you learn your unique self-care language:

· Come back into your body with self-massage or dry brushing

· Practice meditation, stillness and breath-work

· Do something grounding like walking in nature

· Talk it out with a psychotherapist

· Move your body through exercise or gentle movement

· Sit with your thoughts through journaling

· Show up for yourself by keeping promises to yourself

· Learn to say NO when you mean no, and YES when you’re lit up

· Get your creative energy flowing by making something

· Nourish your body with whole foods and plenty of water

· Pamper yourself with a spa day, either at home or out

· Unplug from technology or do a social media detox

We actually created a calendar for you! Click here to get it! Remember, self-care is all about practice! Our practitioners at Epione Health are here to support you through YOUR journey. Ready to get started and prioritize YOU? Book now.


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- Thomas Carlyle